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Own your Birthday Week with simple and joyous acts

With the expectation of getting pampered and being overloaded with gifts, we end up drowning selves in illusion of having a perfect B'day week but do we really end up with the ideal case? Not really!! Unfortunately some of us were brought up with this beautiful idea since childhood and rest of us have eventually inculcated it due to peer pressure. 

Let's get real here! No one gets to celebrate a perfect B'day nor a Perfect B'day week, EVERY YEAR. 

10 ways to make your B'day week memorable and special
Promise yourself to be better and do better with every passing B'day.

So Why depend on someone else to screw it up or make it grand for you when you can do that for yourself? Consider others putting in efforts for you as just a Bonus ;)
And for obvious reasons, I decided to pen down most of the possible acts that you can do all by yourself and never have a moment of regret or disappointment around your most special time of the year. 

Let's get you making a to-do list for your coming B'day week :-

1. Shop Online before a week of your B'day and let the gifts arrive on your doorstep. Shop in a format that you receive a new parcel every other day in your special week. I understand most of us already have this habit of spoiling ourselves!

2. Plan to spare a day before/after your Birth date to spend time doing charity, good work or "seva". There's this out of world feeling that you get when you add value to world, help in making it a better place. Be it in any form you believe! E.g- Spend quality time with Elders in Old age home, Get gifts and cake for children at some Orphanage, plant a Tree, visit Mandir/ Gurdwara/ Church/ Masjid and contribute in the way you believe!

3. Celebrate your B'day in two halves. One dedicated to family and other one to your friends. Tell them how special they are to you, not just to your friends but to your parents most importantly. This is their special day too! Real taste is when you have a party going on for whole of that week, If you're social enough.

4. Donate some old clothes to the lesser fortunate and also get rid of the Trash that you think you need but in real you don't. A day before your B'day week, gather all the stuff you own in your room and focus on each item clearly, ask yourself if it really adds value to your life/surrounding, anymore. If not, it's time to say "Goodbye".

4. Make two lists just after your special day. One that marks all the that you've achieved/ done in the gone year and one that lists all your plans and targets ahead . Year after year you'll have a bunch of collective written memories and not just pictures in phone gallery.

5. Book yourself a luxury spa session. A full body spa!!! There are many professional Thai spa centers available in market now a days. I book one for myself on all special occasions and it leaves me divinely ready for the big day!

What to do to make B'day week amazing
Get up, Dress Up and Show Up! Make a wish, help someone, go on a solo date and do whatever the Hell you want. 

6. Cut off the grudges!! Randomly reach out to one lost friendship and talk it out. Sort it out and move ahead! Upon trying this daring act will make you feel so good that you would thank me later. 

7. Gift yourself something! Anything that you love! Anything that you absolutely need! Anything that seemed off limits and you kept waiting for a special occasion to get your hands on them! That's what savings account is for ;)

8. Buy yourself a new book. Do some research or ask a bibliophile! Reading has never been easy for me and might not be for many of you as well but promise yourself to read your pick till the end. Books have so much to teach us that we've absolutely no idea about.

9. Pamper yourself with the best dress, shoes and accessories you can afford and not rely on someone to do the same for you! You deserve to stand out on your special day :)

10. Make few promises to yourself for the new venture. Be yourself, wear what you love, plan to eat healthy, save some extra bucks for a luxury travel, call your parents more often, let go off people who degrade you, make more friends, exercise regularly and try more hobbies

Alright!! I made it sound like some highly unrealistic list but you can always modify it the way you like 😇  

Do comment down something you do for your B'day that isn't mentioned in the list and we shall be obliged.

Top 10 sites for affordable Online shopping

Hello everyone reading this out there 😇

I've been rigorously working on finding interesting topics I should be writing for you guys! From beauty, lifestyle to all the things possible, adding value and benefit to lives ♥️

Here's another article from Hazel Blink Lifestyle that is going to list down most of the affordable, trendy yet trusted online shopping . These special picks of ours hold not just the best of women's clothing, men's wear but also all the weird stuff that you can buy online, specific to needs, niche and quality 💁 

Obviously we always hunt down streets and luxurious wealthy brands for everything we need and even for things we don't require 😝 
But special discounts on the same collection online does absolutely no harm, especially when  they reach us like a gift to us by self 😇
The list consists of few sites that are already popular and some of them will make you go.."I wish I knew them earlier". So let's get started!
Here's listing down the best of Hazel Blink collection :- 

1. Missamore - Classy collection and easy experience! You're bound to find latest collection and trends on reasonable prices. Best part is that you get 15% off on making PayU online payment.  HEREhttp://www.missamore.com/shop/

2. Fashion and You - From Designer to casual. From bridal collection to eye catching offers. You have to dig in a bit but this site would never disappoint. HERE http://www.fashionandyou.com/

3. Koovs - Not a fan of 'Just-another'? This one's definitely for the out of box collection lovers. They've their own brand products and collaboration with many great designers and brands. HERE - http://www.koovs.com/ 

4. Voxpop - If your love for superheroes and fiction starts is never ending, hunt down whole of their collection and they won't disappoint you. Star Wars, Sherlock, superman... name it and they have it. HERE https://www.voxpop.com/

5. Punjabi Cart - Ever noticed some over enthusiastic Punjabi fellow, all dressed customized from key ring to the T-shirt? Yes! you get all such stuff online, need to take a trip to Punjab. I assume, Punjabi readers are already aware of the brilliance this site holds. Any thing that you can imagine about Punjab and it's culture, you possibly find it HERE http://punjabicart.com/

6. Mango People - This one's not just another site but an outstanding database of weird yet cool stuff. I doubt calling it all affordable or in-budget shopping site but once in a while is a good option to explore HERE - https://www.mangopeople.biz/ 

7. Bewakoof- Another spunky and funky collection is online with this site. With the name as it's written, you must have figured out the kind of stuff you probably would find HERE - https://www.bewakoof.com/

8. StalkBuyLove - This one's for the pretty lovers. This site is a hub of all the beautiful, sassy and cute apparels. Must try! HERE http://www.stalkbuylove.com/

9. Ajio - The latest sensation in online shopping that was recently launched in 2016, is going a long way! They have reasonable prices with a good collection without a doubt and is definitely one of the affordable yet good online shopping option. HEREhttps://www.ajio.com/

10. Lime road - The look and feel of this site is more like a magazine and a Look Book. I'm not a huge fan of their collection but it's definitely a good feel to walk down this site and explore what they've got. HERE http://www.limeroad.com/

11. Myntra - We're all aware of the old school love. Firsts for more of us and still one of our favorites. HERE https://www.myntra.com/

12. Jabong - This one's my personal favorite. Just my favorite! For all the reasons you can think of . And most of my collection from online shopping is a part of Jabong. 

13. Amazon - Needless to mention, this A to Z concept online site is my all time favorite. I can rely on their quality, service and helpline desk blindfolded; Especially when it comes to buying buying a high-priced gadget or accessory. HERE https://www.amazon.in/ap/signin

There are 'n' no of such sites online that offer us endless offers, cashback, quality products etc but above mentioned are my all time favorites and I've been shopping from them since many years now.! If you have some brilliant names in your list, do us a favor and list them down in comments section. 

Also let us know if our list helped you add a few more names to yours :)

Magic of Olive oil

Welcome back and thanks for reading my share of experiences. I hope they help you in some way or the other.

Since we've known the goodness of Coconut Oil since our childhood, for its benefits as an edible oil, for skin, hair, health etc. There's another beauty we're going to talk about today is - Olive Oil.
There's quite a possibility that many of you are already a fan of the multipurpose Oil , I'm here to elaborate why this one should be a constant in your beauty regime and It has to be! I've been using olive oil for my hair, skin and also as a substitute of cooking oil; Trust me, I've noticed visible and wonderful results.